It is the legal duty of parents to ensure that their child receives full time education. Good attendance is vital to a child’s progress and achievement.

It is important to note that short periods of regular absence can be just as damaging to learning as long term absence.


  • attend regularly
  • arrive on time and appropriately prepared for the day
  • report to reception should they arrive after 9:00


  • Fulfil their responsibility by ensuring that their child attends school
  • That they will contact the school on the first day when their child is unable to attend
  • That they will aim to ensure that their child arrives on time and well prepared for the school day
  • That they will contact the SENIOR LEARNING MENTOR/OFFICE in confidence whenever any problems occur that may keep their child away from school
  • That they will inform the OFFICE of any forthcoming appointments or term time leave and ensure the continuity of their child’s education by taking HOLIDAY during the school holiday period and arranging appointments outside the school day

Authorising Absence

The school would like to authorise all absences. This can only be done if we receive information from parents explaining clearly the reason for absence. It is vital, therefore, that parents contact school every time PUPILS are absent from school for any reason.

If no explanation for absence is received the absence will be recorded as unauthorised; in some circumstances this may be regarded as truancy.

A Parent’s Guide to Attendance

Click here for Attendance Policy.


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